This update was posted on 08/13/2019.
Our customers deserve to have some explanation of what happened to KCNetwork from March to August 2019. Bob Staib put together this timeline as soon as he could work at his computer, which is today August 13, 2019. A lot of detail could have been included, however, the basics are more important and that is what Bob tells below.

KCNetwork since 2010 has leased high speed fiber internet circuits. We did not have total control of these circuits and were subject to times when these circuits could go down for hours or sometimes for days. We started in 2010 and since then had 14 such outages. When we started in 2010 we told our customers that we could buy a second circuit. That circuit would increase the service cost by about $40.00 per month. People elected to take an occasional burst of pain and save $40.00/mo. Thus at times when service went down credit was not given it was simply part of the service cost.

The 15th fiber outage started at 9:30 AM on March 1, 2019. This time was quite different from previous outages. People had gotted used to getting TV over internet since the last outage, and when it did not end until 11:30 AM on March 5th. (Four hole days without TV became unbearable). A giant sinkhole in Miami had severed thousands of telephone circuits including ours. Our supplier could not give us an expected time when the outage should be fixed. And, of course, we could not tell our customers.

The KCNetwork office telephone lines were disabled during the outage as were the phones of all customers who had our VOIP telephone service.
I tried to post the limited information I had on our 7800 trouble line, but that was not acceptable judging from the foul messages left by many.

During this outage a number of customers rewired equipment and or pushed the reset buttons on their routers. This created some problems in terms of needed repairs and we could not bring up the system as quickly as we would have liked after the fiber was finally repaired.

Unfortunately the long hours I put in trying to improve our service as well as making sure that all customer equipment was up to date took their toll on me. During the 2nd week of March I was admitted to Lake Wales Medical Center having been diagnosed with pneumonia. At the time I had ignored the oncoming pheumonia so long that the doctors told my wife, Virginia, that had I waited 2 more days to come in there would have been nothing healing that they could have done. On March 15th, while I was still in the hospital the circuit went down again and again the was no projection as to when it again would be live. During that time, facing the stress and health issues both of us had Virginia shut the company down and sent our contractors home. To be truthful I was not aware of all that happened during this time and it was not aware of many of the events until April when I was released from the hospital. I am at home and have been in home-based rehab and am scheduled to move on to out patient rehab soon at the Lake Wales Medical Center rehabilitation center.

Virginia was admitted to Winter Haven BayCare hospital July 1st after some major falls. They worked on improving her balance, confidence, and strength. This time was very important as she had had almost no time to take care of herself previously and desperately needed rest. A little later in the beginning of July I was admitted to Lake Wales Medical Center again with additional complications. Virginia was released first and then I was came home in mid July and placed in home-based PT rehab.

We are working with our suppliers to update them, particularly the folks we have worked with from the beginning of KCNetwork through our California servers. As most of our customers know our VOIP telephone service has not returned to live status since March 1 and Virginia and I have been working to get our internet and phones working so we can update the servers in California and procede with the rest of the normal shut-down tasks that are underway. Part of this process involves moving our email servers to other servers. The process of closing the KCnetwork office is underway with all of the intricate adjustments and details and what seems to be thousands of pieces of paper. It is amazing in this computer world the amount of paper that is still generated!

Bob Staib