1) We all know that 2017 brought us several weather challenges. The new 100 foot Aurora tower suffered a direct hit by lightning on July 7, and Hurricane Irma hit in September blowing down two of the towers we were using. None of the towers we designed suffered any damage, but two towers built by customers did blow down. We are now inspecting towers much more carefully. It gets hard when you need to know what was done underground before and during construction. Anyway, all towers have been rebuilt using the latest hardware available. And the entire system is ready for next year's increase in demand as the satellite TV load moves to the internet.

2) We will continue our system upgrade during 2018, all towers have been or will be equipped with the latest "storm control" switches to protect all users from broadcast storms that can result when users connect the equipment at their home incorrectly. This will automatically shut down the offending account and will protect all users from the slowness that a broadcast storm can cause. This ongoing project will be completed by the end of 2018.

3) On October 15, 2016, our new IPV4/IPV6 went live. We now send the old IPV4 and the new IPV6 internet service to all users’ homes. If you have a new IPV6 router, you will have IPV6 access to the internet from all of your computers, printers, and other devices. This way you will be ready when IPV4 access shuts down worldwide. KCnet was among the first in Florida to support IPV6

4) we suggest that anyone wanting to get a new router or a new smart TV set, call us for tips and advice on what to get. Many people have spent $100-$300 more because they saved $25 on the purchase of a TV by not buying the correct model. And you can be sure that the new equipment is completely IPV6 compatible. Beware of bargain prices on routers, you need to be sure you are running on IPV6 now, so that you will not be caught off guard when IPV4 goes away. Unfortunately, there was an interim IPV6 standard that has been depreciated, So, you can find bargain IPV6 routers at some stores that in fact will not run the final IPV6 protocol. "Ask before you buy" is a good Motto to use when buying a new IPV6 router.

5) This website was written primarily for our staff to manage user accounts. But, during 2018 you will see many features added for users. Please call us and we will set up a username and password, so you can access your account. Then we will be adding the ability to pay your account by credit card. You can pay by credit card now, simply call 863-455-4200 and we can enter a recurring automatic payment.